It’s no secret that White River trout feed heavily on midges year round. The tell tale subsurface sipping can be witnessed in every level of generation. Mid March marks the beginning of Caddis activity (Greenbutts and Grannoms) with adults showing up around St. Patrick’s Day. This is by far our longest and most prolific hatch of the year lasting mid to late May. Many years this is an Epic time to be on the River.

As far as Mayflies are concerned, the Sulphur Hatch provides anglers with topwater action from early May to early June, especially during the “golden hour”. Heavy populations of sowbugs and scuds (freshwater shrimp) also inhabit the White. Their imitations, along with Midge Patterns, are the most popular and effective when nymphing in mid range generation. Sculpin, minnows and the small trout round out the forage base. Their imitations are best utilized during periods of mid to high level generation, along with attractor patterns such as San Juan worms and egg patterns. During summer and early fall, terrestrial patterns can be extremely effective along stream banks and back eddys. Chernobyl Ants and Hoppers can provide plenty of entertainment for fly anglers when a break from nymphing is needed. When the weather turns cooler the Browns start moving around getting ready for their winter spawn, we call this time of year Streamer Season. Staying away from Spawning Redds, but casting a 6-8″ Streamer can fool some very heavy Browns.

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